Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Safety Recall



If you are a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 costumer and you still haven’t noticed any issues with your phone yet, you might be lucky to be alive. Yes. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is being recalled after the company received many customers complaints, reporting that the batteries are overheating either while or while not recharging the phones, with some of them even exploding, pointing out a serious safety risk. Samsung strongly advices their costumers that “it is extremely important to stop using your device, power it down immediately and participate in the U.S. Note7 Exchange Program.” If you live in the USA, the company has announced that it will be possible to exchange your Samsung Note 7 no later than September 21.




The devices that pose safety risks, are the devices sold until 15th this month. To identify if your cellphone is the one in recall, Samsung has a new update available and it shows a message that says you have to immediately stop using your phone and contact Samsung costumer services as soon as possible. The chances that your mobile device can explode are relatively big, so if you are reading this, you may still be on time to trade your old samsung galaxy note 7 for a safer version of the device.



Samsung has posted on its website explanations about this problem, and since today they have launched a new software update that shows if your cellphone is indeed the recalled device or if you are lucky enough to have a newer version. In America, Samsung is even paying 25 dollars bonus if you exchange your phone at one of their affiliates. The update will display a green battery icon on the status bar found on the top right hand of the screen. The green icon indicates that the user have a new Galaxy Note7 with an unaffected battery.



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Andréa Garside